Swedish floors




Applications: indoor flooring, apartments, offices and hotels

Wood: oak or for special request ash, black walnut, acacia, exotic mahogany or jatoba are available

Types: aged or optional custom orders

Quality: plain, 1st and 2nd class

Thickness:   solid wood              12 mm - 28 mm

                       laminated                 13 mm - 32 mm

Size:   600-4000 mm length / 80-300mm width

Moisture content:   8 +/- 2%

Origin: Hungary

Swedish flooring has been used since ages. Due to their prominent appearance, they give an elegant look to rooms. Despite the various materials in use, they all provide your home with a special atmosphere and long lasting quality. With their complexity, it’s easy to fit them into the minimal design style, which is so popular nowadays

Thanks to their timeless beauty, aged and antique floors provide a unique finish unlike anything else in the world of flooring. Fastidious effects can be achieved with the combination of a discrete-looking Swedish floor and mosaic floors as you integrate them in your home.Your wood flooring is going to serve faithfully many generations ahead over the decades.