Plain plywood for indoor use



beltéri rétegelt lemez


Applications: Interior design, furniture design, carpentry and joinery, upholstery and seating furniture, interior doors and wall coverings, flooring, flooring, table tops, counters, countertops, stairs, toys, vehicle body, modelling, gift boxes, sporting goods, scaffolds, set construction, exhibition stands, etc.

Wood: birch

Type: sanded

Gluing: IF 20 indoor

Structure: each layer of birch

Quality: BB/CP

Sizes:   4 mm x 1525 mm x 1525 mm            3 ply

               6 mm x 1525 mm x 1525 mm           5 ply

               8 mm x 1525 mm x 1525 mm           7 ply

Moisture content:   8 +/- 2%

Volumetric weight: 550-690 kg/m3

Origin: Russia, Ukraine and Baltic States