Our company trades and manufactures wide range of wood products that can be used for numerous applications in the construction and furniture industry. We use advance technology and modern machinery to process various import and Hungarian lumber from numerous suppliers. We offer high quality wood for joinery work, fences, outdoor and indoor covers, saunas, windows, doors and furniture.

Since trading wood materials is closely connected to carpentry, our company has expanded its production to furniture, window, door, steps and staircases, garden furniture and parquetry manufacturing. Our technical background, flexible production schedule and our highly qualified workers make possible to produce high quality goods in any segment of the wood industry.

Trading wood materials and base products puts our carpentry production onto firm bases, because we always have ample amount of good quality materials with ideal moisture content to work with.

Our over fifteen years experience and the help of high capacity condensational and vacuum driers guarantee our exceptional quality. We reach the adequate moisture level with slow pace processing that guarantees the even moisture level and tension free structure.

We pay close attention to get to know our customer’s needs and we work hard to exceed their expectations. This makes our customer base constantly growing. We provide our workers with regular professional trainings so we can live up to the constantly changing needs of our age.



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